About Us

This website is owned and maintained by hotelsystems.co.uk.

The purpose of this website is to provide an online booking service for our customers. The online booking service integrates with our in-house booking system. The use of this service provides online booking ability to enable your customers to view availability and to make bookings online. These online bookings can then be downloaded in-house, providing a complete online and offline booking solution.

Our products and services

Booking software - Windows based application installed on your computer to manage your rooms availability via online and offline channels.
Online booking system - We provide this as a service to allow your customers to check availability and book online.

Our history

Our software has been developed, tried and tested since 2005. Today we are in a position to offer an excellent, affordable online and offline booking software solution.
A lot of our development has been directed by our clients. We have found that clients want an easy and non-complicated piece of software that will meet their needs.

For more information visit our website, hotelsystems.co.uk.